1. This programme is not about philanthropy. It is about helping people to develop their own wealth on their own land. These people bear the utter responsibility for the success and continuation of this programme.

2. The programme focuses on trees because of their multiple benefits for the society and nature. Trees contribute to generation of income, healthy nutrition, beautiful landscapes, absorption of greenhouse gases, cleaning of air, soil protection and safe habitats for animals. They can also be seen as sources of inspiration, entertainment, relaxation and optimism.

3. The beneficiaries are in principle rural people of the poorest parts of their societies. They should preferably belong to the same village or area to participate together in a sort of community project. This would further strengthen the bonds of solidarity and cooperation among them.

4. The programme aims at attaining a grassroots character and maintaining its independence. Therefore it should only be financed by individual people interested in supporting ecological values and rural development. No form of state/public funding or commercial sponsorship is going to be involved.

5. Plantation and maintenance of trees should stay as close as possible to the principles of organic farming.

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