The main two drives of my public action are the ideals of ecology and the conviction that material production should lie in the heart of any development policy. This is why I embarked on the programme titled « Trees against poverty ».

The objective of this programme is to help rural people, primarily in East European and Mediterranean countries, to escape from poverty through the plantation and exploitation of fruit trees. My role is to design and finance the individual projects, while local partners select the beneficiaries and offer them guidance.

You can see under the menu the principles  of this initiative, as well as a presentation of the first ongoing projects in Romania, Bulgaria and Belarus. I am looking forward to the expansion of this effort on other areas of east Europe, former USSR and the Mediterranean, but also elsewhere in the world. All interested partners are thus welcome to discuss with me a possible co-operation. I hope it will prove literally fruitful! 

Yannis Karamitsios 

Brussels, May 2013

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